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Young people are a treasure of a nation, and if they don’t have the chance to discover, develop and use their potential, it’s at society’s loss.


BoldlyBecoming, developing audacious, authentic leaders who make an impact.

We are excited to welcome you on our transformational journey.

Boldly Becoming is a 5 layer transformational program with rich content, practical

approaches and immersive tools to effectively train and equip you on your path to connect with your true power to succeed at the job you desire, to succeed in life, and making an impact by pursuing your passion.

Our Mission

To propel the young leaders of tomorrow to discover their self worth, believe in themselves  and take responsibility to lead their transformation journey of living with meaning.


To inspire and support young people to find their own unique ways of successfully tackling the multiple problems that they face. Unemployment, lack of opportunities, loss of hope in themselves and a better future. Skills gap continues to overburden many young people and that impacts us all. Finding meaning in life is key.

  • Responsibility and Accountability 

  • Innovation and Creativity 

  • Honesty and Integrity


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We are a cross-professional, cross-cultural and cross-generational team of women, with shared values and purpose, joined together in Boldly Becoming to develop young leaders.

Tanja Bogataj

Mmahlapa Mkandawire

Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame

M.Sc.Leadership and Transformational Coach and Consultant Founder and Practitioner of #bepowerfulandfree Approach

Tanja is a powerful multi-talented training Coach. She has developed herself in the fields of law, political sciences, management, leadership, and coaching. She possesses more than 20 years’ worth of experience working with top leaders and managers in the public and private sector.

This has given her the opportunity to gain broad knowledge and skills to support individuals and teams toward achieving their potential and mastery-level achievements.

She has more than 15 years of experiences in public policy sector, more than 10 years of working in top-level leadership positions in public administration (Director general for Urban development, State secretary for Environment, Green economy, and Public administration) and more than 10 years of using coaching in leadership.

She has created a platform #bepowerfuland-free while making a difference ( as a medium for mutual learn-ing, inspiration and empowerment.

Entrepreneur and host of 'It's My Business", Commercial Lawyer and Business coach. Truelove's Top 40 Young Women To Watch Out For.

Mmahlapa is a young and successful business woman, propelled by a strong commercial law background. With an undeniable obsession to inspire and empower organisations, leaders and African entrepreneurs. Mmahlapa Mkandawire is Ceo of LaVida beverages and co-owner of a number of other SMME’s in the water purification, media and grooming industry. She is a dedicated member of the Female Wave of Change, a global organization that focuses on female transformation and leadership. Furthermore, Mmahlapa is a member of the Graca Machel Women Creating Wealth fellowship and a Business columnist for Successful Woman Magazine.

Mmahlapa is also embarking on building a social digital empire that is empowering Afropreneurs alike who have limited resources. She has established an online show called “Its My Business” where she empowers and mobilizes other entrepreneurs with information and resources to promote their success in their various business sectors.

Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Mentor, Director of YBK Consulting, Board Member of United way SA, Chair of Ithemba Educational Trust SA

Yvonne is a multi-award winning leader who was bestowed a recognition award for services rendered by FEPACI (Pan African Federation Of Film Makers). Her impact has been felt in the public and private sector, in public broadcasting (SABC), publishing (Macmillan SA) and education (Department of national education SA). She has has served on a number of boards including chairing the International Association of Human Values and serving as a board member in the SAWA (South African Writers Association) under the South African Literary Awards.

Yvonne believes in the healing power of story telling and sharing authentic stories. In her own words “ Lasting change requires an open heart, a clear mind, a free spirit and courage to transcend life’s challenges".

She is passionate about the personal development of young leaders. She uses the power of story telling to unlock potential and inspire creativity in individuals and groups. Believe it, own it, take action.”Let us unite, use our diverse experiences and unique talents to be the change we desire for ourselves and our future generation." In her own words.

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