Boldly Becoming brings more than 60 years of rich and unique expertise, diverse experience and proven skills stemming from a wide range of sectors (corporate, public, and entrepreneurial). With a cumulative 130 years we share our life's lessons and offer an unparalleled 5 week leadership transformational experience.

Our journeys connected in 2019 within the Female Wave of Change, Women Leading in Change program. What connected us are our values, hearts and spirits. All three are passionate about life, learning and teaching, and being bold in living in our power and sharing our gifts with the world. In 2020 we’ve created Boldly becoming to develop young leaders on their path of becoming audacious, authentic and impactful life winners.

Each and every one of us is unique and all together we connect in orange and blue combination, representing our cross-generational, cross-professional and cross-cultural value, knowledge and wisdom. Orange represents an importance of the connection to nature in us and around us, and grounded in becoming through our life. Blue represents our freedom to be, and our limitless potential and capability to learn, grow and impact. The touch and blending between orange and blue represents our becoming, from being aware of what was given to us from our ancestors, what’s available for us, and what’s ours to be created and given to future generations.

Lasting change requires an open heart, a clear mind, a free spirit and courage to transcend life’s challenges. In our diversity there’s a treasure. We, human beings are capable of leading our transformational journey, we just need someone to remind us and empower us for the journey. We need only one who believes in us to become empowered and inspired for our whole life. We need teachers so we can learn and become the best version of ourselves and make a difference in this world. Then we can teach further.

Beside our complementary professional knowledge, skills and experiences, we use the knowledge and wisdom we’ve received from our ancestors. We believe in power of stories, and we guide our students through the process of becoming through owning and serving the purpose of your life. Our individual stories of becoming help our students to connect and become empowered for their own journey.

We hope our service will bring nurturing, growth and flourishing to many young people. The world needs empowered, creative and active youth. We all together need to provide proper conditions so they can prosper and create a better world.

Admission and Fees

R1500.00 (ZAR)

3 Month payment plan available

Online registration via website with Facebook and Linkdin events